Payroll is a crucial part of any business that should be carefully considered. Payroll is about accuracy, confidentiality, rapid processing and keeping up to date with legislation, therefore it requires dedicated and highly trained specialists and, not least, a reliable, up-to-date software application.

Due to all the intricacies of payroll, many foreign companies, as well as more and more local companies decide to outsource payroll services. APT proposes a payroll system that is highly efficient and respects the ISO9001:2008 standard.

Our payroll service can be delivered in a variety of ways, from total outsourcing (including staff file management and in-house HR consultancy) to partial outsourcing concerning strictly payroll processing.

We offer 4 main packages - with the ability to custom tailor our services to suit the specific needs of each customer:

APT Payroll Basic – includes generation of: monthly payroll register, monthly payroll tax reports, pay statements, direct deposit file, pay slips (sent via email or in security envelopes) and preparation and submission of tax forms.

APT Payroll Bronze – a set of regular personalized reports, online filing of pay statements, preparation of statistical statements and updating of the REVISAL (General Register of Employees)

APT Payroll Silver – staff file management, generation of all staff documents, issuing of employee certificates.

APT Payroll Gold –includes APT Payroll Silver + access to our portal (aptHR) allowing you to manage employee data, hirings, timesheets, reports. This package also provides employment law counseling, contribution recovery from FNUASS (National Unique Fund for Health Insurance) and access to an in-home HR specialist.

Payroll professionals with an attitude to exceed your expectations in relation to accuracy, efficiency and flexibility.

A commitment to keeping our clients up to date with legislative and regulatory requirements.

To sum up, the decision to outsource your payroll to APT will reap a harvest of benefits:

- Payroll processing without the hassle: no need for hiring specialized staff; no burdensome infrastructure and software costs
- High accuracy of calculations and zero risk of penalties and fines for legal non-compliance
- Relief from HR bureaucracy
- Full confidentiality of your payroll data
- Reduce the risk of process disruption due to payroll staff turnover
- Complex customized reports that can serve as a good basis for an adequate financial analysis
- Top specialized consultancy and best practices implementation thanks to our rich evidence base

Note that all our payroll and staff file management processes are based on professional software applications integrated with our own HRMS application – aptHR.