APT Outsourcing - a partnership for success!

Outsourcing is a key component of the business strategy of any company wanting to be on top of the game in an increasingly unpredictable and fiercely competitive economy. Globalization and competition, two major trends of the new millennium, are forcing companies to find innovative solutions to reduce costs, optimize operational efficiency and shorten the cycle of new product development. Add to that the ever-changing customer preferences and demands and you have the full picture.

Challenges abound and time is rarely on your side. You need time to focus on your organization's unique core competencies, on those strategic activities that add value for your customers. Fortunately, there is someone there who can free up your time to add value and innovate! That someone is us ... your outsourcing services provider.

So, what does outsourcing really mean? Originally, the term outsourcing is an abbreviation for "outside resource using". Therefore, we can define outsourcing as "the strategic use of external resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources ". It is worthy to note that outsourcing is truly a business strategy whereby an organization outsources its major functions to an expert outsourcing provider. Outsourcing is much more than a service agreement: outsourcing is essentially a partnership for success, built around communication, transparency and trust.

What functions do companies outsource?

Generally, companies choose to outsource to an external provider the non-strategic activities (outside their core business) – which are, of course, vital to the functioning of the business, but can be extremely time- and resource-consuming. The most common forms of outsourcing are "information technology outsourcing" (ITO) and "business process outsourcing" (BPO). BPO includes front (customer service) and back-office outsourcing – such as finance, accounting and human resource outsourcing (HRO)!


- Cost reduction
- Increased efficiency and productivity
- Focus on core competencies
- Access to top-notch specialists
- Knowledge transfer to permanent staff
- Staff flexibility
- Access to best practices
- Risk distribution
- Improved customer service
- Competitive edge

Why choose APT Group as your outsourcing partner?

- Because each time we come up with the best-fitted solution for your goals, strategies and organizational culture.
- Because our outsourcing model enables you to retain full control over processes.
- Because cost-effectiveness and transparency are our core tenets.
- Because we constantly adapt to market and customer demands and innovate with you!

Outsource to APT! We’re just a click away!