Cum arata serviciile de recrutare in epoca tehnologiei

Revista de business in limba engleza, The Diplomat, a publicat in editia de martie – aprilie o analiza ampla a pietei de outsourcing. Titlul dosarului anuntat inca de pe coperta, sintetizeaza cadrul in care evolueaza piata romaneasca de servicii de outsourcing: Resourcing the outsourcing. Sorina Donisa, CEO APT Group, a raspuns invitatiei de a participa la dosarul – ancheta al publicatiei, cu un mesaj clar catre sistemul de invatamant, spre care se indreapta toate sperantele jucatorilor din industrie:

In 2015, we will see the same growth rate, but recruiting candidates, however, will not be as easy as it used to be a few years ago, due to a declining graduate talent pool, a growing number of job offers and opportunities and greater expectations on the part of candidates regarding development opportunities, schedule flexibility and pay,” Donisa tells The Diplomat – Bucharest. “Therefore, companies will compete in attracting and retaining candidates through fringe benefits, customized work environments and development programs.” In this context, Donisa adds that the partnership between companies and universities is crucial for both the education system and the service industry. The education system can adjust to market needs, stop producing unemployed graduates and thus ensure growth potential for the business services industry. “The Romanian education system has the great advantage of being free or reasonably affordable, compared to other countries,” says APT’s CEO. “Collaboration between private companies and universities has grown from simple projects to large internship projects with European funding, meant to prepare graduates for their future jobs. There is even a Master’s program underway now [developed by the Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania, where APT is associate member], born out of these partnerships, designed to train youths for the outsourcing industry.

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